Dev status

Development has been slow on CoRD for a long time. Eventually, we will be transition to FreeRDP and development will speed up after that transition. Sorry, no timetables at the moment.

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports are not accepted at the moment.

Nightly builds

You can download the latest development build, built every night when there were changes made. These aren't recommended for everyday use, but often have fixes and features that haven't made it to the public release. Nightly builds are automatically published using the Nightly appcast: you can select this in your CoRD preferences.



CoRD is open source software, licensed under the GPLv2 license. It is based off the Unix program rdesktop, which is also licensed under the GPL. Dorian Johnson () is the current maintainer of CoRD. CoRD comes with no implicit or explicit warranty whatsoever, and we are not responsible for any damages incurred while using CoRD. Please read the GPLv2 License for more details.

Source Code

You can get the very latest code from github: To build CoRD, you'll need Xcode 4.2 or later. Pull requests are welcome.


Please submit localized .nibs / .strings as pull requests on Github, we'll gladly merge them.

Original Graphics

The original Photoshop files for all graphics in CoRD. All graphics in CoRD are licensed under the Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license. The current set of icons were created by Aron Cedercrantz (@rastersize on github).

Version history

A list of all changes for major and minor releases of CoRD.